Friday, June 21, 2013

Early Thursday morning

Early Thursday morning, Nava, Ruhama and Bob drove up north to prepare the areas for our first dig season starting on Monday. The tel and the surrounding region was quiet and serene, despite recent news about the fighting in Syria. Ruhama worked with the surveyors to set up the 5 x 5 m grid in Areas A and F, while Nava and Bob discussed strategy. The sun was strong, but a nice, cool breeze swept over the mound. And once we were in the shade, we felt noticeably cooler. One harbinger of summer is the disappearance of the many wildflowers on the mound, though we found a few of them still surviving. By the time we quit at 13:15 we were famished, so we headed over to a quaint cafe for lunch, and then went to Kfar Szold to meet briefly with the kibbutz staff, who anticipate our arrival on Sunday. We then headed back to Jerusalem. Though the drive was long (a good 3 hours each way), we had great conversations about all things archaeological, tempered by a little gossip and good cups of coffee at Aroma at Tzomet Prachim near the Sea of Galilee. Meanwhile, some team members have been on a study tour led by John Monson of Trinity International University. Other participants are arriving now to spend time in Jerusalem before heading north on Sunday morning to check in at the kibbutz. On Friday, some team members met Danny Herman at the Dung Gate for a guided tour of the City of David. Kudos to Carroll Kobs for organizing this trip, which included a walk through Hezekiah's Tunnel. For many visitors to Israel, a walk through this water system from the time of Sennacherib's siege of Jerusalem in 701 BCE is one of the highlights of their trip.

Sunday, June 16, 2013

The Medieval depiction of Sheba ben Bichri's beheading adapted to the dig...

Our own Carroll Kobs has updated the Medieval illustration of the Biblical story of the Wise Woman of Abel Beth Maacah tossing the rebel Sheba ben Bichri's head over the walls to the waiting Joab below....
Bob Mullins in the role of Joab, a role he was born to play....
Carroll is one of the 'Wise Women' of Abel Beth Maacah, along with numerous wonderful women (and men) ready to dig next week! But no head tossing please!!

Saturday, June 15, 2013

Our cap runneth over....

We not only have a really great T-shirt for the first season of the Abel Beth Maacah excavations (isn't that the point of digging - the t-shirt?!) - we also have a cap.
Thanks to the generosity of our team members, Carroll and Jeff Kobs, who created them and are bringing them from the U.S., we will also have a great cap - to keep safe in the sun and remember to keep our excavation at the top of our heads at all times!
 Carroll modeling the cap...

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Here is the logo that is on our dig T-shirt

Here is the logo that is on our dig T-shirt. This special ring flask, dating to the late Iron Age I (end of the 11th century BCE), was found intact in the survey we conducted last year in preparation for this year's first season. Our Area A is positioned above the walls where the flask was found and we hope to be able to get down to that level this season.

Tel Abel Beth Maacah Blog

Here we are, one week and two days to D-Day (Dig Day). All is going according to plan and excitement is mounting. We will use this blog to relate what is going on and to share our experiences with you. Your comments and questions are welcome.

!!Don't loose your head over the new Tel Abel Beth Maacah excavation