Sunday, June 16, 2013

The Medieval depiction of Sheba ben Bichri's beheading adapted to the dig...

Our own Carroll Kobs has updated the Medieval illustration of the Biblical story of the Wise Woman of Abel Beth Maacah tossing the rebel Sheba ben Bichri's head over the walls to the waiting Joab below....
Bob Mullins in the role of Joab, a role he was born to play....
Carroll is one of the 'Wise Women' of Abel Beth Maacah, along with numerous wonderful women (and men) ready to dig next week! But no head tossing please!!


  1. What a great illustration! And nice casting choices :) Blessings on you as you begin the season's dig!

  2. I have seen many bible stories in story books with graphical illustrations. This is a good thing that you keep the new generation updated with our religious values.