Wednesday, March 5, 2014

A shout-out from the Abel Beth Maacah staff and team to our illustrious co-director Nava Panitz-Cohen, who just published a short piece in the ASOR Blog about her experiences as a dig director in honor of ASOR Women of Archaeology month. Many women out there will not only identify with what Nava shared in this article, but will appreciate her candor and authenticity. Soon after its appearance on the ASOR Blog, Cynthia Shafer-Elliot wrote the following: "Nava was my supervisor at Tel Rehov. She has been one of the most influential women in my professional life and a great role-model to me. Thank you to Nava for being part of the solution!" All of us who know and love Nava concur. As for her archaeological "other half," I (Bob Mullins) could not ask for a better partner in this venture. In fact, Nava was the first person I thought of when Azusa Pacific University first proposed the idea of excavating Abel Beth Maacah. Nava is not only a first-rate archaeologist; in my opinion, she is one of the best in the field today. We would not have accomplished all that we did last season without Nava's hard work, excellent leadership, and guidance. And I include Ruhama Bonfil in these accolades as well. I have known both women for many years, and I am proud to be their friend and colleague. In fact, thanks to all of the women who are a part of the Abel Beth Maacah team. You have all made this dig the special project that it is! You can read Nava's piece at

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